Calvin Smith, CCP, CCFA

International consultant

(Also works in London, Paris, Brussels)



Extensive Background in 15 Industries

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  1. 1.BigData aggregation, data visualization, data mining, advanced database management (RDBMS).

  2. 2.PMO - New product planning / designing / guidance / development / launching / metrics tracking.

  3. 3.Develop FDA approved apps to track bacterial endotoxins for pharmaceutical / biotech scientists.

  4. 4.Litigation Support / eDiscovery. World-renowned Concordance Expert. Click here for all Concordance needs.


Helping You Meet Your Business Objectives!

Primary Services

  1. 5.Large scale automated database conversions or database migrations, C, Xcode, CPL development, troubleshooting and training.

  2. 6.Automate MS Office to build data bridges between departments.

  3. 7.Advanced Line of Business (LOB) reporting, flowcharting / node drawing / Technical Writing.

  4. 8.Building customized tools to automate your workflow, including iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch app needs. © 2012

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Experts at developing customized tools to meet your exact needs, whether departmental, enterprise or for iPhone / iPad needs.

Software engineering / programming experience with 15 different software languages (plus SQL / T-SQL), which includes developing advanced tools for programmers to help automate MS Office needs.

Experience with BigData aggregation, Legal (EDRM and litigation support expert), Biotech, Finance, Insurance, Medical (surgery prep), Travel, Banking, Accounting, Human Resources (HRIS), Wireless Communications, Networking (automated Novell Netware tasks), Education, Manufacturing (ERP automation) and Geophysical Research.

Heavy technical writing skills using various software tools (e.g. MindNode, Visio, yEd, Word, HTML, etc). Complex report writing skills.

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Calvin Smith has been asked to write a book a few times.

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#eDiscovery - Need help putting Cellebrite cell phone forensics (SMS and emails) into a review tool for attorneys to review? No problem! Click here.

Precise flowcharting and technical writing services. Click here for samples.