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Sample List of Essential Concordance CPL Utilities Below:
  • Can create a CPL to globally export all of your documents from all databases across a server, including the attorney work product (per document) and the Opticon imagebase records too. Useful if moving large cases to Relativity or other review platforms. This is a HUGE timesaver!

  • Created a CPL to globally convert all non-UNICODE compliant databases and related Imagebases across a server to UNICODE.

  • Created a CPL that evenly splits large document populations into review folders for review teams within seconds. Visual sample here:!AutoCreateReviewFolders_v2.jpg

  • Created a CPL to globally modify *BOTH* the Notes database Native file UNC paths and / or the Imagebase UNC paths across multiple servers. This is essential after a large migration and eliminates potential human error.

  • Created a CPL that allows attorneys to toggle redaction transparency (with the redaction borders remaining intact) so they can easily Q/C redactions before productions are sent out.

  • Created a CPL to assign production numbers to attachments.

  • Created a CPL to produce Native files from Concordance.

  • Created a CPL to find and tag all redacted documents.

  • Created a CPL to write missing control numbers to Attachments based on the Parent document email code.

  • Created a CPL to evaluate the AttachCount of the Parent document, and then transfer the DateSent value to all of the related children.

  • Created a CPL to copy multiple data elements FROM Parents documents to Attachments -- AND / OR-- FROM Attachments to the Parent documents. Visual samples here:

  • Created a FieldToTag_v10.0x_MENU.cpl, which allows the Admin user to load tags that might be separated by other delimiters instead of a colon. This CPL is menu-driven.

  • Created a CPL that allows Native documents to be opened by pressing the camera button.

  • Created a daemon CPL that will scan multiple databases across a server for "Error on Text File" issues before attorneys run into those errors.

  • Created a daemon CPL that will give the Admin person an audit report showing the number of attachments detected in the Notes database(s) across a server.

  • Created a daemon CPL that will report back which databases have customized menus within them. This might be important after a large conversion because databases sometimes lose their menu connections to CPLs after mass-conversions. That can slow down review teams, if not detected.

  • Created a CPL to import documents and related tags from Summation databases.

  • Created a CPL to batch print Native files.

  • Created a CPL to scrub documents after a document recall.

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